Why our LEDs

Why use LEDs

The future of lighting comes in the form of a small chip, a light emitting diode or LED that promises 60 to 80% lower consumption, lifetimes beyond 50,000 hours and better overall performance compared to conventional lighting technologies. A variety of LED lamps are already on the market but few currently meet the potential of LED technology. Many manufacturers offer inferior LEDs with exaggerated specs and no solid warranties.

This is why Stafford West Group has chosen to partner with a company the focuses on durability and performance – Amagine Lighting LTD. Stafford West Group is proud to offer Amagine’s line of high quality, North American engineered LED bay lights, the Apollo LED bay lighting series. These LED bay lights are designed to last by using patented technologies including the following:

LED Lens Technology

Amagines patent-pending secondary microlens technology takes the uni-directional output of the LED chips and disperses it over a wider surface area. In addition to creating a more aesthetic lighting profile this allows for fewer chips to be used. This allows for a wider spacing between chips which in turn reduces the heat density of the lens.

Heatsink Design

An LED lamp or bulb consists of several LED chips mounted on a printed circuit board which are mounted to a heatsink. This heat sink is ultimately what determines the reliability and lifetime of the LEDs since it is heat that degrades chips and reduces lifetimes. Amagine heatsinks are carefully engineered to pull heat away from the chips and allow for efficient airflow for maximum cooling.

Smart Pulse™ Current Control

Amagine’s patented Smart Pulse electronic current control technology (also know as pulse width modulation) manages to get the same light output of an LED with only 70% of the current. This technology further reduces energy use along with the wear and tear on the chips. Less current also means less heat and for every 10 degrees that the operating temperature is reduced the lifetime doubles.

It All Adds Up

By combining the industry’s largest and most effective heat sinks with its wide angle lens and current control technologies, Amagine has engineered LED products that operate as much as 40 degrees cooler than their rated maximum temperatures. This translates into sixteen times longer lifetimes. As a result Amagine is proud to stand firmly behind its 5 year unconditional warranty.

Nichia® LED Diodes

Amagine LEDs only use heavy duty diodes manufactured by Nichia in Japan. Nichia is the leader in high quality LED diodes - holding the highest amount of LED diode patents and receiving numberous awards in the industry.

Eco Friendly, User Friendly

Amagine LED products are also better for the environment, with energy savings of up to 80%. This leads to significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. They also eliminate mercury from our landfills and water tables vs conventional fluorescent lighting.

A single 4 foot fluorescent tube can contain as much as 4 milligrams of mercury, enough to pollute up to 7,000 gallons of freshwater. 30,000 lbs of mercury are dumped into the environment every year with the majority of that coming from fluorescent lighting.

The Apollo LED bay lights are also specifically designed to reduce the facilities maintenance costs, which can be a major concern for all companies and their owners. This is especially important for those that need to shut down production lines in order to reach and replace faulty lamps and bulbs. Also, less time spent on lifts and scaffolds leads to a lower risk of maintenance related injuries. And for those business owners who contract out and outsource building maintenance, this means less money spent on repairs and more money spent on production.

Most of all, Amagine’s Apollo LED bay lights yield the best lighting quality with lamps that turn on instantly and can be cycled on and off indefinitely. These LEDs don’t need to warm up to reach their maximum brightness and unlike fluorescent and metal halide lamps they don’t emit heat producing infrared or ultraviolet rays. Since they don’t flicker or hum, they improve work force productivity by reducing eye strain, headaches and seasonal affective disorder.

  • 100% Mercury free
  • Reduce production shut downs & costly maintenance fees.
  • Instant-on
  • Infrared free
  • Ultraviolet free
  • Non flicker or hum
  • Increase employee health and quality of life.

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