Get maximum yield, reduced power & water consumption with ALDgreen's Max Yield™ horiculture LEDs.

Why do we offer the ALDgreen grow LEDs?

The ALDgreenMax Yield™ horticulture lighting system provides unmatched dynamic spectrum controls for maximizing yields and lowering power and water consumption costs. These LED grow lights offer custom lighting spectrums for different stages in the plant's lifecycle.

The MAX Yield 600 is a full spectrum LED grow light designed to replace 600w double ended bulbs (both HPS and MH). With exceptional efficiency and the highest PPF per watt output, this is the greatest yielding LED grow light in the industry. In collaboration with Oxford University and California State University, the MAX Yield 600 has been bioengineered to outperform HPS/MH and all LED competitors from germination to flower by creating a highly tuned, unique spectrum. Against traditional HPS and MH lamps, our industry leading LED technology will significantly increase yields while deceasing water and electricity consumption by 60% and 75% respectively.

ALDgreen LED Grow Lights

ALDgreen Technology Highlights

The Max Yield LED horticulture lights are highly adaptable for commercial growers in medical, commercial, and vertical farming applications. By combining advanced technologies such as our Patented Optics, Smart Cooling and bioengineering we have built the best performing horticulture light in the industry.
Adjustable Spectrum

Adjustable Light Spectrum

The innovative MAX YIELD LEDs produces a high rate of photosynthetic photon flux (PPF). With downloadable software, users can easily customize the light spectrum and circadian rhythms for an optimized recipe unique to each strain.



SmartCooling technology allows for efficient and quiet lighting. Patented design utilizes passive thermal management. No fans or moving parts are required, resulting in an increased lifespan and zero maintenance.

Saving water and energy

Water and Energy Savings

Significantly increase flowering and yields along with saving up to 60% water consumption and 75% electricity costs versus HPS and MH lamps.

eco-friendly LED lightingLED close up with micro lenses

Patented Optics

Light output is controlled by patented optics that spread the light in an even distribution pattern for uniform growth.

ALDgreen LED Grow Lights

MAX Yield 600 LED Specs

***Preliminary Data***

Download Max Yield Datasheet (400kb, PDF)

    Model: MAX YIELD 600
    Diodes 150
    Input Power 100-347v
    Output Power 150w
    PPF +2200 umol/s
    Thermal Management Passive
    Dimensions 12” (l) x 12” (w) x 3.5” (h)
    Housing Extruded Aluminum
    Water Resistance IP67
    Lifespan 100,000+ hrs
    Warranty 5yr U / 10yr L
    PRELIMINARY Spectral Response (Wavelength, nm)
    Spectral response
    Board Level Photon Flux
    PPF (400nm - 700nm) 316.62 umol/s
    PPF Per Elec Watt Input 1.84 umol/J
    Wall Plug Efficiency 40%
    Blue (420nm - 480nm) 41.36 umol/s
    Red (620nm - 670nm) 180.50 umol/s
    FarRed (710nm - 750nm) 17.11 umol/s
    Total (380nm - 850nm) 344.97 umol/s
    Blue% of PPF 13.06%
    Red% of PPF 57.01%
    FarRed% of PPF 5.40%
    Red+FarRed% of PPF 62.41%
    Red/Blue Ratio 4.36
    Red+FarRed/Blue Ratio 21.47
    Full Width Half Maximum of Peak
    FWHM Blue (420nm - 480nm) 21.0 nm
    FWHM Red (620nm - 670nm) 28.0 nm
    FWHM FarRed (710nm - 750nm) 33.0 nm
    Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD)
    Illuminated Length (m) 1.200 m
    Illuminated Width (m) 1.200 m
    PPFD Minimum (Approximation) ~ 219.9 umol/m²s

Stafford West Group is a proud distributor of ALDgreen's MAX Yield grow light. Visit the ALDgreen website for more information on this revolutionary horticulture lighting system.

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