Save money, reduce maintenance and improve production with the next generation of LED lights.

Proud distributers of ALDgreen LEDs, Amagine® LEDs and Axlen® LEDs

The Stafford West Group focuses on distributing next-generation high quality LED lighting. We believe that these LEDs help reduce energy costs and landfill waste, while improving the overall lighting quality for everyday people.

ALDgreen MAX Yield™ Horticulture LEDs

The ALDgreen MAX Yield LEDs offers the highest rate of Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF) providing the best growth. Designed for all plants and stages its spectrum can be opimized to meet the needs of the plant at every stage. Pre-programmed lighting recipes for: seedlings, vegetative growth, flowering, general purpose, general purpose (full spectrum), visual inspection and photoperiodism efficiencies.

Axlen e-SOLIS™ LED
Panels and Tubes

Axlen’s e-Solis Edge Lit LED panels represent a major breakthrough in design innovation and the future of solid-state lighting: ideal for commercial and industrial buildings, retail, conference centers, hospitalities, sport facilities, classrooms, and more. An elegant lighting solution with significant energy savings.

Apollo™ Bay LED Lighting

Amagine’s Apollo LED bay lighting series is the next generation of high-bay lighting. Manufactured in the US and Canada with patented technology, these industrial LEDs save you even more money over generic LEDs with their ultra efficient power consumption and zero maintenance design. Designed for: warehouses, indoor production, manufacturing, industrial, arenas, high-ceiling retail shops, and other indoor spaces.

Meet the Team

Jamie Stafford


After 20+ years growing corporate relationships, Jamie decided to start an unique eco-consultant group. The Stafford West-Group focuses on providing North American made, eco-friendly products, that guarantee a reduction in our client’s energy costs, while improving our environment and reducing our landfills. It’s a win win industry, for everyone.

Nick Beretanos


Nick has a robust sales background from many different industries, that has rewarded him with countless contacts throughout Vancouver.

We help save you money while also helping the earth. Contact us for a free energy audit.

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